Friday, November 20, 2015

The Spinner's Cottage and The Grainary, Together Online!

With our upcoming 26th Annual Christmas Open House at The Grainary, I've decided that it might be a nice thing to share the whole event with our online friends for a change!

In the past, I've tried to keep, the online shop, The Spinner's Cottage, simply fibery things. However, the name of the shop is such, because I was anxious to open my store and couldn't think of anything else at the time, so I simply used my blog name. In fact, the first listed items were stitch markers and jewelry.

At the time, my mom was listing the fiber in her Etsy and I did not want to repeat. The Spinner's Cottage was originally started as my blog to share what was happening around my house and share crafty things. It quickly turned into a blog about fibery goodness and I failed to post about anything else.

In the future I may be changing the name of the Etsy, but meanwhile, for our open house, I'm going to try to list everything handcrafted that we carry in our brick and mortar store, The Grainary.

Since this event is happening in a week, I will do my best to get everything listed in time, but it will be a lot of work, especially since I am still making new items for this event, as well as needing to decorate and do other necessary things.

I've been asked what our Open House is about. It's about introducing new items that we've been working on, has lots of Christmas decorations, and of course, refreshments.

In my rural area, there are a handful of shops that hold their Christmas Open Houses on Thanksgiving weekend. It's been a tradition around here for years. For those of you local, please come in and see what we have to offer. For those of you online only, visit the etsy, and see if there is something you can find to gift this year.

We realize that not all knitters are looking for fibery goods to give as gifts, but we have them if you are looking.

In fact, The Grainary was started as a stained glass shop. Mom does the glass.

 I started doing porcelain pins back then, in 1989, and from there we added floral, primitives, handwovens, beaded items, knit/spin items.

We both enjoy doing lots of things, aside from fiber and glass, so we run with that and try new things and dabble with old favorites. I still enjoy getting my hands dirty with the clay,


mom still enjoys painting stuff.

So, I listed a few of my necklaces in the shop last night and will try to add some glass and such over the weekend.

We still have some new items to finish that will be introduced this year and lots of staple items that I will be photographing. I'm not sure how long I will keep these items in the Etsy, maybe until they expire. Maybe this will become the norm for it, I'm not sure at this point. What I do know, is the online presence will be changing and I will be hard at work this winter to make that happen.

Also, if you're visiting us in person next weekend, please take time to stop in at my aunt's darling little shop down the road, The Quilting Shanty.
She also works very hard to bring you darling gifts for yourself or a friend! She's just 500' down the road from us! (And she serves the best Cherry Bon Bons, ever!)



Here are some of the things you will find in the shop and soon the Etsy.

Slumped Bottles that mom makes. These are great for cheese/snack plates and she also makes some that are great for dips! Can also be used as spoon holders!

So, whether you can make it to the shop in person next weekend, or are shopping online, you're sure to find something you like.
Until next time,


  1. I'm looking forward to stopping by both shops during the open house! You have some very beautiful things! Cindy Szabo

  2. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing all the things that I normally miss down here in MS.

  3. This will be my first experience with The Grainery, and your aunts shop The Quilting Shanty during your Christmas Open House. Looking forward to doing a little gift shopping, and seeing all the wonderful items available! <3